Claiming back your medical expenses

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shutterstock_658048795According to a recent survey, only four in ten people claimed back the tax they pay on their medical expenses in the past four years. 20% can be reclaimed on medical expenses that are not covered by the state or health insurance.

At €12 per a standard €60 GP not to mention prescriptions, hospital visits, and physio treatments and perhaps educational assessments – there are much more qualifying expenditures. The value of a tax rebate can quickly add up.

Many people believe that the process to claim back your expenses is too complex and time-consuming but in reality, it couldn’t be easier.

Nursing home expenses can be claimed back at your highest rate of tax, up to 40%.

People should keep their medical receipts in a box or drawer and start claiming back their money!

This claim can be made through ROS and can be made for the last 4 years. So now is a good time to get cracking before the refund for 2012 claim is disqualified.

With all our busy lives this is something you are likely to put on the long finger and let slip, so why don’t you give us a call and we will be happy to take action and make this claim on your behalf.