Retail Accounting


Retail Accounting

With our vast retail experience, Kenna Accounting and Finance Solutions provide expert end to end accountancy and bookkeeping services for retail clients.

  • Back Office Service
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Retail Expertise
  • Management Accounts

Back Office Service 

  • Matching delivery dockets from all suppliers to invoices
  • Following missing invoices and claims with suppliers
  • Processing the invoices while providing an analysis of purchase delivery dockets by department along with
  • Compiling creditors list’s

Weekly Reporting

We provide weekly KPI reports recording weekly sales, with a comparison to last year. We also prepare weekly profit reports with a departmental breakdown and annual comparisons. This report includes, till shortages, voids, refunds, customer counts, sales on bill pay, coffee, fuel, gift cards and lottery.

Retail Expertise

Our retail and accounting experience ensures our bookkeeping department is methodical, guaranteeing the preparation of sales, cash, bank reconciliations and controls to the highest standards. We also advise clients of pending weaknesses or improvement providing complete power and accuracy of bookkeeping and accountancy records. Our bookkeeping department can also process Payroll, CSO statistical forms and revenue returns.

Management Accounts

With the timely maintenance of bookkeeping on the Exchequer accounting programme, we ensure rapid production of management accounts with full departmental profit analysis and comparisons to budgeted profit taken from the Overall Profit Report. This assists retailers when we are receiving their accounts to identify poor performing areas and improve loss reduction controls.  All improvements are discussed with our clients at our account meetings along with any recommendations and feedback.