Tax Compliance and Planning including all Revenue Returns


Tax Compliance and Planning including all Revenue Returns

  1. Tax Compliance

Tax compliance for people in receipt of trading income, rental income, investment income, gifts or inheritance and capital gains can be a maze to follow.  We will take the mystery from this compliance by providing clear guidance on filing necessary returns, while at the same time ensuring you are claiming all reliefs and deductions available to you.  A key to good compliance is early contact with an experienced tax advisor like ourselves, so we get to know the complexities and nature of our client’s profile, whether business or personal wealth.  This knowledge of our client’s financial affairs allows us to work together to minimise tax payments and maximise wealth and earnings.  In additions, this allows us plan and prepare tax returns and payments in a timely fashion, as some of these tax deadlines do not allow any time for delay.

2)      Revenue Audit & Revenue Investigations

As there has been an increase in the number of revenue intervention and audit, it is vital to have complete and accurate supporting documentation for all revenue submissions, this will help to prevent a Revenue intervention turning into a revenue audit.

Should you be selected for such Revenue Audits and Interventions we are happy to provide our assistance using the experience we have gained over the years.  

3)      Tax Planning

Most importantly we advise on how best to run your business in the most tax-efficient manner possible. This involves a review of personal and company plans together with business and property acquisitions to ensure financing of such purchases are repaid in a tax efficient manner.  We also review exit and retirement plans to ensure maximum relief is availed with minimum tax payment, therefore, leading to cash retention.  These reviews are discussed with our clients on an annual basis to ensure changing client circumstances, economic environment and taxation legislation are fully considered.